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Formed in 2002 as Sky Pharmaceuticals (Zambia) Limited, it has grown tremendously from being a humble farm house office in Lilayi to a modern operation, with a warehouse in the light industrial area of Lusaka. Augusta Pharmaceuticals specialises in the supply of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, medical equipment and other medical consumables.


Augusta has earned a reputable household name for housing the industry‘s most extensive and specialised services.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading and most widely present entities providing world class renal care in all the ten provinces of Zambia. Our endeavour is to reach and provide the best services to further empower the medical institutions in our nation.

Our panoramic approach enables us to focus on a wider outreach while maintaining the quality of our service including installations, training, maintenance and product delivery.

MORE ABOUT Augusta Pharmaceuticals

Augusta Pharmaceuticals has a license to trade in narcotics and other dangerous drugs and is registered with the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority of Zambia as Pharmaceutical Importer and Wholesaler.

Due to our team's hard work and remarkable dedication to providing quality healthcare, we maintain key partnerships with universally recognised brands like Mylan Laboratories and Fresenius Medicare. Moreover, Augusta Pharmaceuticals has additionally become one of the major suppliers of ARVs, Renal Dialysis service kits as well as specialised medicinal drugs to the Government of the Republic of Zambia.